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Q. Do you really not look for certain majors?

A. Yep. There’s a lot to learn in FSAE, and what’s covered in the classes of the “correct” majors is only a part of what we do. 


Q. Is past experience really not necessary?

A. Yep. Recruitment is tailored so that with the right effort, any person without experience could look just as good as or better than someone who has experience.


Q. What’s the time commitment like?

A. You get out of FSAE what you put in. We expect at minimum the ability to do at least 10 hours a week. Some in the past have spent over 20 hours a week working on the car!


Q. Where and when is competition? Can I go?

A. The competition we attend is in Fontana, California. The date hasn’t been determined yet, but it is usually a week after the last final in spring.

     If we think you’ve done enough work for the team, we let you go to competition. Due to the pandemic, attendance this year will most likely be more heavily restricted.


Q. What do I do once I’m on the team?

A. New members are encouraged to attend all subgroup meetings they are interested in. Subgroups are expected to have tasks ready for new members to pick up. 

     After some time on the team you should have an idea of what subgroups you gravitate towards and you’ll find your niche on the team.


Q. How has the pandemic changed the team’s operation?

A. Most of our work has shifted to research/design work that can be done remotely. We are in the process of obtaining permission to have small groups work on campus

     following all safety guidelines along with any other safety measures we can reasonably follow.

Directions to the Project Room (EBU1 B110):
Method 1: Go to the pin on the map below, “EBU1 Loading Dock”, and face EBU1/Jacob’s Hall. On the left are stairs and a ramp that lead to the back door of EBUI,
                    on the right is a ramp that goes down to the loading dock. Walk down the right ramp and B110 is the right garage door.
Method 2: Enter EBU I through the front door. Take the elevator behind a pillar on your left to the basement. Make two rights and you will see a door that has a “SAE” sign on it.