Meeting Calendar

*Please note, times on calendar may not be accurate for special days/weeks. Email the leads or if you are unsure.

Machine Shop Times
(The Undergraduate Machine Shop is located at the basement level of EBU II, room B-35)

For member that are interested in learning how to machine and make car parts the calender above shows the available time slots you can go in and manufacture parts with the assistance of a more experienced member

Please be aware that this is a courtesy of Tom Chalfant (the director of the machine shop), so his word is final on these matters. Please see/ask him if there is any doubt as to whether you may machine or not.

Please let on of the leads know that you going to we can set you up with a drawing and someone who can teach you how to use the machines. Your time in the machine shop is very valuable to us and we appreciate it very much.

Machine Shop Tutorials
The machine shop is open to all student group members (at Tom Chalfant’s discretion). Sam Jafarian, Matthew Pearson, and Samuel Schegan are available to teach you how to machine (and may also put scheduled times on the calendar).

Please make sure you have read the machine shop rules and have signed the machine shop liability waiver or else you CANNOT work in the machine shop.

Both of these documents are located in the ‘Archives’ tab or at the bottom of the ‘New Members’ tab. The more machine-trained members we have, the faster and more efficient we can build the racecar.