2017-2018 Team

After our very successful 2016-2017 season, the team is going strong and determined to maintain our top-10 status. Our upcoming car, TR18, is going to be an improved variation of TR16S.

The team is enthusiastic about not only building a solid race car, but also a solid team. To avoid the knowledge gaps that have stunted the team’s growth in the past, we want TR-18 to serve as the 13th car in a long series of cars built by an ever-growing, but continuous, team of young engineers and entrepreneurs who contribute to the team’s growth and development even after they graduate.

Meet the Leaders of Triton Racing 2017-2018

Core Members of Triton Racing 2017-2018

  • Alexander Gonzales
  • Alexander Valenze 
  • Anthony Tran
  • Ben Phan
  • Brandon Blischak
  • Cheeo Li
  • Damon Hellie 
  • Daniel Witteman
  • Eddie Lin
  • Edmund Lau
  • Estelle Jouret
  • Ethan Fan
  • Gwen Wang
  • Helen Tat
  • Jack Ringelberg
  • Jack Zhang 
  • Mark Warnecke
  • Matthew Gilli 
  • Nicholas Blischak
  • Pedro Cavalcanti
  • Ryan Kane
  • Shaun Nilsen
  • Yukai Zhang