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The Society of Automotive Engineers club on the UC San Diego campus is dedicated to design, fabrication, and testing of an open-wheel prototype race car for the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) competition held during various parts of the year all throughout the country. The Triton Racing team places students in an optimal position to gain hands on knowledge while applying classroom theory in a real world setting. As a team, we strive to push and test our engineering and design capabilities so that we may extend the boundaries of innovation and establish ourselves in the forefront of FSAE.

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How to get to Project Room:
The weekend workdays (as well as many other meetings) are located in the basement of EBU I (Room B110). EBUI Is also known as Jacobs Hall (with the house on top of it, AKA The Fallen Star).Two ways to get there:1) Walk to the back of EBU I, go down to the loading dock, and you will see the garage door open (when meetings are being held).2) Walk into the front of EBU I, take the elevator tucked into a corner behind a column on your left to the basement, when exiting the elevator make two rights and you will see a door that has an “SAE” sign on it.
Project Room and Machine Shop Safety:
There are 2 forms that must be filled out and 2 machine shop safety pdfs.Forms that need to be filled out:

  1. SAE Participant Waiver
  2. Machine Shop Liability

PDFs that need to be read:

  1. Machine Shop Safety 1 and 2

If you have turned it in please check the list at this link to see if you are accounted for. If you just turned it, give it a couple days for processing.
These can be found under the ‘Archives’ tab or at the bottom of the ‘New Members’ tab.

Formula SAE 2016 Rules:

A link to the 2016 SAE rules is provided here. It is important that everyone reads the rules. The more people we have that know the rules, the less likely the team is to to fail scrutineering/tech at competition.

Formula SAE Research Material

There are a plethora of books that are aimed at Automotive Engineering, here is a list of some that the S&E Library Offers:

Vehicular Engine Design
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics
The Successful Race Car Driver
Hands-On Race Car Engineer
Ferrari Formula 1: Under the Skin of the Championship-Winning F1-2000
Formula 1 Technology
Racing Chassis and Suspension Design
Carroll Smith’s Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, and Plumbing Handbook
Engineer to Win
Tune to Win
Prepare to Win
The Carroll Smith Race Car Set
Chassis Design – Principles and Analysis
Design of Racing and High-Performance Engines – 1998-2003
The Racing & High-Performance Tire: Using the Tires to Tune for Grip and Balance
Race Car Engineering & Mechanics
Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics

In the case books aren’t your thing here is a list of Web Links related to Automotive Engineering: – This is where the rules are located, highly suggested read. – A good way to find something FSAE related. – Forum for DSR Racing.

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