Cartesian Sponsors the Team

cartesian vr3

We would like to thank Cartesian for cutting and mitering our chassis tubes. They gave us a nice discount when ordering the chassis.
VR3 Engineering supports every aspect of the tube profiling process to produce the best welded tube structures possible. Our process and engineering expertise works with numbers, producing tube structures from your 3D design and dimensions. We have brought machining tolerances to the fabrication of structures.

Assist designers with 3D modeling of tube structures
Produce 3D solid models from drawings, sketches or concepts
Prepare and organize shop drawings, material lists and documentation
Extract individual tubes from weldments or assemblies
Generate the CNC tool path programs for each component
Manufacture the tube components and tube kits
Supply material with documentation for traceability
Test fit and tack weld tube kits
Reverse engineer existing weldment structures into 3D models, components and tube kits
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