Repeat sponsor, FK Bearings, has joined the 2016 team!


FK Bearings has continued their sponsorship with Triton Racing for the 2016 year. They have provided the team with spherical bearings and rod ends yet again!

FK Bearings is based out of Connecticut and known for their high precision rod ends and spherical bearings. 

Here’s a bit about the company from their website:

F.K. Bearings came onto the scene quietly over 30 years ago. They did not make a huge splash, but quickly won the customers over with fair pricing, and plenty of inventory. While the industrial market struggled to get product from the old stand-bys, the racing market embraced a supplier that would maintain inventory throughout the limited season. Recently, to further assure timely delivery, F.K. Bearing set up two regional warehouses. Filled to the brim with inventory, these warehouses can offer localized service for emergency orders